BSC-GRL06   Pistol Mount Ultra Green Laser

                                                Versatile BSC-GRL06 can be mounted onto a pistol and can easily mount onto rifle with tactical rails.

Detailed Product Description

Wavelength: 532nm

Power Output: <5mW

Effective Range (yd): 1760

Laser Type (mw): 5

Working Temperature: 0 ~ +40

Storage Temperature: -40 ~ +80

Construction: Aircraft aluminum 6061-T6

Operation: Curly On/Off cord switch and Knob up down switch

Rail Mount: Mounts to standard 7/8" Weaver base


Laser sight (Mini mount intergrated)

Tail cord switch

Knob up down switch

Standard Weaver mount intergrated


Quick target acquisition

Up to 2/3 to 1 mile visibility at night (green)

Up to 70 to 100 yards visibility in daylight (green)




Tactical on/off pressure pad

Aircraft grade 6061 anodized aluminum housing

Windage and elevation locking system

NEVER point the laser directly at or into an eye. This may cause damage to the eye or blindness.
When zeroing the laser follow all standard firearm safety precautions.
If the laser sight is used on different weapons then zero adjustment may again be required.
The laser sight has an anti-shock design, but a serious blow to the laser, the weapon or rail may require-zeroing.
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